Eric D Lathan

Eric D Lathan

Eric D. Lathan, age 40 was born in Birmingham, Alabama in October 1976 to Thelma M Wilson and Ewrin Lathan Jr.. He was raised by his adoptive grandparents Ruby Lathan and Erwin Lathan. At a young age Eric D. Lathan was in the Cub Scouts as well as the Boy Scouts in his youth he also attended Thomas Chapel AME Zion Church in Birmingham Alabama. Eric D. Lathan went to Huffman High School where he was a member of the JROTC program. Eric D Lathan also worked for the high school basketball team as a member of FHA and other in school programs. He was also a member of several Explorer posts around the Birmingham area.

After High School Eric D Lathan went to Jefferson State Community College where he studied architectural design. He later transferred to the University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB) where he studied engineering and was a member of the ROTC program there as well.

In the summer of 1998 Eric D Lathan began his military career. Started his training at Fort McClellan here in Alabama were he later deployed to serve in Korea and then to Bosnia and Herzegovina wile on active duty. In 2003 while serving with the Army Reserves Eric D Lathan was called back to active duty to serve 15 months in Iraq. In 2007 Eric D Lathan was honorably discharged from the military service.

As for Eric D Lathan’s political career, in In 2010 Eric D Lathan Ran for the district 1 seat for County commissioner of Jefferson County and in 2014 Eric D Lathan volunteered to work event services at the Sochi Olympics. But in it was early 2016 when Eric decided to run for the seat of governor of Alabama. In late December 2016 Eric D Lathan began the process for running for governor of Alabama.


I will work to update the outdated laws in Alabama. Starting with the Alabama constitution shortening it so that Alabama no longer has the title of worlds longest constitution addressing the key issues of constitution projects.
I will work for the creation of a lottery and a gaming commission that will oversee and regulate laws for gaming in Alabama.
I will work to provide special housing for people with mental illness and our military veterans. Housing that will have on call specialist that are trained to support their needs. The plan will address some aspects of our prison overcrowding issues as well.
Others issues will include updating our prisons as well as the prison overcrowding issue, state infrastructure, and the Rising crime rate across our state.