Eric D Lathan

Eric D Lathan

I wanted take a moment and let you know that Alabama House Bill HB 283 is up for vote week of May 1st and that I am in full support of this bill. The synopsis of the bill is below, plus you can download a copy of the bill as well below!

“This bill would require transportation network companies to obtain a permit from the Public Service Commission, maintain an agent for service of process, provide fare transparency, and implement a nondiscrimination policy. This bill would require drivers and vehicles that provide rides through transportation network companies to meet certain safety and consumer protection requirements. This bill would clarify that drivers are independent contractors of transportation network companies. This bill would prohibit municipalities and certain authorities from imposing taxes or business licenses on transportation network companies or transportation network company drivers or vehicles. This bill would also authorize municipalities to prohibit transportation network companies and transportation network company drivers and vehicles from operating within the corporate limits of the municipality.”

HB 283

Click Image to view House Bill (HB 283)